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The ability to make a secure real estate investment takes a learned skill. You want to be sure that you are making a decision you can live with. At New Vision Realty LLC we and our business partners have spent time and money for the benefit of - not only our companies and our personal investments, but to benefit our clients as well. We utilize our knowledge, skills and intuition to spot great opportunities in todays market. As our clients we use this knowledge to benefit you and New Vision Realty as well.

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December 21, 2018

Who Knew?

Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself. Taking a lesson from my niece who believes that mistakes happen and it's no big deal. "What do you thing erasers are for?" We live in a society where people want to destroy others for making mistakes. But on the other side to that, how are you going to know it's wrong unless you faulter? Most people aren't MASTERS at what they do over night. True there are some  who are, but for the rest of us we have to work at it. I draw and write in my spare time and am always asked why I don't do that more often. 


Lately it doesn't Seem like there's enough hours in the day even when I plan them out. But I remember another niece stating that she even scheduled breaks in between her studies and classes to make sure she isn't stressed out. If you try too hard  you will make mistakes ( erase; erase; erase) Who knew that the younger generation could remind you of what's been said to you serveral times before yet deliver it back with a smile. Love My Nieces and Nephews.

If you aren't sure where to begin, let us try to help you by looking at your situation in detail. Take your first step in finding a solution with us. It maybe easier then you think.

Tysha Johnson  - New Vision Realty, LLC

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